About The Food Rising Donations

These donations are being made possible by the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center, headed by Mike Adams, the "Health Ranger" and executive director of the CWC.

The funding for these donations is provided by Boku Superfood which has pledged 20% of net sales for all purchases made on their website (through February 2015) to funding these donations.

Who qualifies to receive a grow system at no charge:

  • Shipping address must be located in the contiguous 48 states of the United States
  • All public schools qualify (elementary, middle school, high school)
  • All private schools qualify
  • All home schools qualify if teaching 3 or more children
  • All universities qualify
  • All churches qualify
  • All YMCA or similar community organizations qualify

Number of Grow Systems Available:

The number of grow systems we can donate is entirely dependent on the amount of funds we are able to raise for this effort. Our goal is to raise enough money to donate 250 grow systems, and if we raise even more funds beyond that, we will donate as many systems as the funds allow, even at the scale of thousands of these systems.

How to request a donation:

Please follow these instructions to request a donation:
  1. Write your donation request (can be just one paragraph) on your organization's official letterhead and sign it.
  2. Make sure your letter includes the following facts:

    • The city and state of your organization
    • A phone number for your organization
    • The exact shipping address where the grow system should be sent (cannot be a P.O. box because it is a large package)
    • How many children will be sharing in the grow system experience by you receiving this donation.
  3. Scan or photograph your letter and email it as an attachment to: [email protected] (please do not attach files over 10MB in size)

Donation requests will be processed in the order received. Please allow up to 10 working days to get a response from us. Because our effort is voluntary and our staff is handling a lot of requests, your reply may be a single line that says, "Donation request approved and queued for delivery."

What you will receive as a donation:

If your donation request is approved, you will receive a shipment from Food Rising containing:
  • The complete Food Rising grow box system, ready to assemble, including the water reservoir and the patent-pending 3D-printed parts that are the "magic" of the system.
  • Nutrient mix to feed common garden vegetables.
  • A link to a Food Rising video on YouTube which provides a classroom lesson on how to assemble the system, how to start your plants, and how to care for those plants once they begin growing.

What you need to provide:

  • You will need to provide your own seeds. We recommend lettuce seeds, as they are easy to grow and very compatible with the nutrient mix we will be sending.
  • You will need to provide a clean water source. We strongly recommend using filtered water with low dissolved solids. The cleaner your water, the better your results. If you have very alkaline well water with high dissolved solids, you will need to add vinegar or another mild acid source to adjust the pH.
  • You will need to provide the plants with exposure to sunlight and protection from extreme weather. Plants can obviously be damaged by high winds, hail, freezing temperatures, etc. They need warmth to sprout and sunlight to grow.

When the systems will ship:

We anticipate these systems to begin being shipped the first week of March. We believe we can ship up to 20 systems per day, and we will be fulfilling these donations for as many days as it takes, even if it takes us into April.

What we ask from you:

Please have patience with us, as we anticipate very high demand for these donations. We are a small non-profit with a small staff, doing the best we can with what we have.

We ask that you send us a photograph of your success! An ideal photo would be a successful grow system containing your healthy plants, surrounded by your students. We want to share your success with others and will be posting photos on FoodRising.org.

Request a donation now:

Here's the email address: [email protected]
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