Food Rising grow system donation video launched: Help us awaken children to the joy of growing their own food

Posted Sunday, February 15, 2015, by Food Rising Staff | Read Comments
We've just launched a video animation describing the Food Rising donation fundraising effort which aims to provide 250 non-electric grow systems to schools across America.

So far, we have secured funding for over 170 grow systems, and we have confirmed donation requests from over 70 schools, churches and community centers. New donation requests are arriving each day!

Shipment of these systems begins March 2nd, and the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center ships them out for free to donation recipients.

The DIY videos showing you how to build your own system are launching on February 24th, less than 10 days away!

The downloadable 3D parts will be also be posted on on February 24th, allowing you to download the key parts of the system and print them yourself for free.

Which 3D printers and filaments to use

I will be posting more detailed reviews of which 3D printers appear to be capable of printing these parts, but so far ALL 3D printers I've tried are working as long as you do two things: 1) Print with t-glase filament. 2) Use a nozzle diameter of 0.5mm or larger. The 0.4mm nozzles are too small for reliable t-glase flow, and you will get filament feed problems if you try to squish t-glase through 0.4mm nozzles.

In our Texas-based 3D print farm, we have FlashForge, Ultimaker 2 and Type A Machines printers churning out production parts for the Food Rising donations. All of them are working. Some of them work better than others, and some are far easier to maintain than others. But they are all working.

I still have not received my Lulzbot Mini, so that's the main 3D printer still missing from this list, and I hope to assess it soon.

Here's a photo of my Type A Machines Series 1 3D printer with a 20-lb. production spool of t-glase clear filament on top. Yes, I built the simple PVC support frame specifically for this purpose:

Float Valve Receiver

And here's a photo of the Ultimaker 2, churning out parts for the upcoming donations:

Float Valve Receiver 3D render

The Consumer Wellness Center is a 501(c)3 public charity in good standing as verified by the IRS. I am the volunteer executive director of the CWC and earn no salary whatsoever (100% non-paid leadership position). Unlike most other "wealthy non-profits" like the American Cancer Society, the CWC spends ZERO money on salaries and directs 100% of all donations to its programs.

Help support our company sponsors

Living Fuel ( has already pledged funding to support 100 grow systems.

Boku Superfood ( has pledged 20% of its online sales through the end of February, 2015.

Organic Lifestyle Magazine (, a publisher of health-related news and practical advice columns, has sponsored 15 grow systems.

LuvByNature (, manufacturers of the pristine, hormone-free, low-temperature "Grazing Goat Whey Protein" that's a customer favorite at the Natural News Store, has sponsored 10 grow systems.

And new this week, the owner of these websites has pledged 8% of online sales through March 15th, 2015:


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