online retail store launches, featuring Mini-Farm Grow Boxes, heirloom seeds, ultra-clean plant food, 3D printer filament and more

Posted Wednesday, March 11, 2015, by Mike Adams | Read Comments
The highly popular "Mini-Farm Grow Boxes" launched by are already being built by thousands of people thanks to DIY videos and freely downloadable 3D-printing parts released by the Health Ranger.

Now, pre-built grow boxes that are available for the first time from online retail site sells Mini-Farm Grow Boxes, Ultra Clean Super Plant Food, 3D printing filament, non-GMO heirloom seeds and other accessories for food self-reliance.

The Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Boxes sell for just under $100 and include rugged, made-in-America HDPE bins, precision-cut lids, coconut coir grow media, ultra-clean laboratory verified plant food nutrients, a water reservoir, net pots, drip line tubing and two float valves that achieve automatic self-watering for the entire system.

The grow boxes produce lettuce, tomatoes, medicinal herbs, strawberries and garden vegetables without using any electricity, pumps or complex parts. They're based on the concept of "non-circulating hydroponics" taught by Professor B. Kratky of the Univ. of Hawaii and originally observed in Taiwan.

The Food Rising Revolution

Adams has positioned the Mini-Farm Grow Box as a "Food Rising Revolution" that promotes food education among children and food self-reliance among adults. The system appeals to vegans, vegetarians, preppers and survivalists alike, allowing anyone to produce high quality food at very little cost and with very little effort.

Mike Adams and the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center ( have also raised funds to donate 250 grow systems to schools, community centers and churches. "Donations began shipping out this week, and we expect to have all donated grow boxes delivered in less than two weeks," said Adams, who is also the inventor of the 3D-printable automatic float valve used in the system.

The valve uses simple, common objects such as pencil erasers and paper clips to make a functioning automatic float valve that maintains nutrients and hydration for the plants.

Adams, holder of several pending patents and a well-known clean food activist, also promises to publicly release a 3D-printable object that "removes arsenic from contaminated well water."

DIY videos and free downloadable 3D objects are available at

Pre-built commercial systems are available now at


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